Cleveland Bays


The Cleveland Bay, as its name suggests, originated in the Cleveland area of Yorkshire.  Shaped by a harsh environment, horses of durability, longevity and quiet disposition resulted from crossing native bay mares with imported Barb stallions during the 17th century.  The Cleveland Bay was developed as a versatile partner for man, used for riding, driving and as an agricultural worker.  As roads improved, they were prized as carriage horses with unmatched ability for speed, style and power.  But many field masters and professional huntsmen kept secret the origin of their big, bold, beautiful hunters with “lots of jump”, usually a Cleveland.


Cleveland Bays continue to prove that they are extremely versatile.  They are strong, attractive and gentle horses that are ideally suited to many of today’s equine sports, be it dressage, driving, jumping or long-distance riding.  Ideally standing between 16.0 and 16.2 hands, the Cleveland Bay is a good practical size with weight carrying ability.  Action is bred to be true, straight and free.

Our Purpose

The Cleveland Bay Endeavour is a labour of love created in order to help conserve,  promote and perpetuate the Cleveland Bay breed which is currently listed as Category 1 – Critically Endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.  We bred, produced and maintained eight purebred Cleveland Bays in order to demonstrate the brilliant versatility and desirability of the Cleveland Bay horse.


We wish to thank all of our clients, partners, visitors, guests and sponsors of our Cleveland Bay Endeavour for their continuing support that has made this whole symbiotic journey possible.  We are forever grateful.  Thank you.